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Jim Breuer has a specific type of comedy that you’ll either get or you won’t. His observational humor about life and fatherhood is something that you can relate to whether you’re a parent or not…..but it’s much funnier if you are. His impersonations are so exaggerated but so spot on that you can’t help but laugh out loud. I watched him from ’95 to ’98 on SNL which I absolutely loved. His impersonations are so exact that you find yourself laughing out loud and they seemed to have improved greatly since his time on the show. I think the thing that attracted me to his brand of comedy was his reactions to his stories. It’s like he acts them out on stage and in doing that it practically gives you a visual of the situations. My favorite bit was the one of him realizing he was getting to old to go to a heavy metal concert and the way he described fans of the band Slayer. I couldn’t stop cracking up at that joke for sure. Another thing that was great was that his humor was clean. In a world of raunchy comedians, a clean one is a good change sometimes especially in those moments that I can actually watch this with my teenage daughter without having to worry about language or anything else that could be questionable. This was an entertaining stand-up special that will have you looking at your everyday family life in a different way and relating to it in ways you wouldn’t have thought of. If you’re a lover of stand-up then this deserves to be checked out.

Jim Breuer: And Laughter For All is available NOW on DVD from RLJ Entertainment


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