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The Movie:

It’s been nearly a decade since fans last saw the former operative, the explosive return brings Jason Bourne into a whole new era, revealing key secrets about Bourne’s origins to a new generation.

I’ve been waiting for a new Matt Damon led Bourne movie for a good while now and I’m extremely glad that it’s here. All the action is what you would expect from a Bourne film except that it’s turned up to 11. The cast was phenomenal and seeing Damon and Stiles back together was fantastic in itself. They have a nice chemistry together and can easily go toe to toe in intense scenes as well. My other favorite cast member was Vincent Cassel. He always brings a suaveness to every movie that he is in and even though he was playing a villain, he did just that. He is a master at picking characters that play it really cool in tense situations and I love watching villains like that. My only gripe about the movie is that it follows the exact same beats as the others. As entertaining and fun as the movie is I do wish that something new would’ve been brought to the table. It’s essentially the same film but with new questions that need to be answered. I do think that they should continue with at least one final film to close everything out though because by the end of this film there’s still a door that’s left wide open for another sequel. If they were to leave it the way they did then it would feel unfinished and I think that the franchise deserves better than that. As far as spy/action films go then I highly suggest picking this film up because sometimes we all need to see people get beat up and tons of explosions. 8/10

4K Presentation:

Little by little 4K is becoming a favorite and preferred format for me. The film looks gorgeous and really highlights what 4K and HDR can really do. The clarity that it showcases is pretty amazing and in my opinion this is one of the best looking films thus far. The colors look nice and vibrant even when checking out some of the black levels. The dark areas are dark enough for what kind of visuals the film is trying to show but in 4K there isn’t as much contrast so you can actually see certain elements in the area. This version of the film is definitely worth spending the few extra bucks for.

Special Features:

Bringing Back Matt Damon As Bourne – Matt Damon and Director Paul Greengrass talk a bit about why they decided to bring the character back to the big screen.

Bourne To Fight – This 3 part feature digs into the fight choreography and Damon’s training in order to make it more realistic.

The Athens Escape – This feature focuses on the motorcycle chase scene in the film.

Las Vegas Showdown – A really interesting 2 part look at the Vegas scenes that went down including the car chase scene which caused LOTS of car chaos.

Jason Bourne is available NOW on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD from Universal Studios Home Entertainment


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