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*Contains Spoilers*

The Movie:

When Army Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders) is framed for treason, Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) discovers she’s the target of a massive government conspiracy. With help from Turner and a mysterious new ally, Reacher risks everything to take down a powerful organization that will stop at nothing to protect its secrets.

I really liked the first Jack Reacher movie. It was one of those movies that you can just pop in and enjoy watching without thinking too much about anything. This film is a whole lot more of that but with bigger stakes this time around. The thing about it all is that even though it can be an enjoyable movie if you let it, there really isn’t much to it as far as story goes. It’s the typical “on the run” kind of film that doesn’t have the same type of excitement as other Tom Cruise movies. It’s not all bad though as I did really enjoy a lot of the fight scenes. Cruise has show that he does action well and he hasn’t disappointed me in that aspect. Smulders kind of surprised me a bit though. We’ve seen her previously in Marvel films but she really didn’t do too much as far as action goes but in this movie she was involved in some action sequences where we got to see some awesome fight choreography from her and I think that these kind of movies suit her now. Now for the one thing that I genuinely didn’t like. The entire story is predicated on the fact that there’s a young girl that could be Reacher’s daughter. It’s a slap in the face to viewers when they reveal that she’s not his daughter and that they both kind of figured that was the case from the start. To me that was the one story element that they should’ve changed around if they intended to have a pay off like that. Even with that I still don’t think it was a deal breaker though. It was still a fun action film that you can just sit and enjoy on a Saturday afternoon so if you enjoyed the first one then you’ll definitely enjoy this one just the same. 6/10

4K Presentation:

This film looks extremely great in this format. This movie was upscaled from film and honestly you can barely tell. There is still some grain present here and there but nothing too extreme. The black levels were improved greatly from the 1080p version and every scene looked crisp and vibrant. I really loved watching this movie in this format and if you do have the ability I suggest watching it this way.

Special Features:

Reacher Returns – Cruise talks a bit about what keeps him coming back to the character as well as certain decisions that were made to bring this story to the screen.

An Unexpected Family – This feature takes a look at how Reacher in a way gains a family through a weird turn of events.

Relentless: On Location In Louisiana – Obviously this takes a look at the film’s setting and how they were able to create certain scenes in the film.

Take Your Revenge First: Lethal Combat – A look at the action in the film and how the actors prepare for their roles as well as filming the actual scenes.

No Quarter Given: Rooftop Battle – This feature focuses on the film’s final battle.

Reacher In Focus: With Tom Cruise And Photographer David James – This feature was actually really interesting and unique. It was a look at the use of photography during the film’s production.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is available NOW on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment


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