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The Movie:

Set in the near future, this riveting and suspenseful apocalyptic drama follows two sisters whose peaceful lives are disrupted one day by a world-wide power outage. The sisters must work together in order to survive in their increasingly treacherous new world, fighting intruders, disease, loneliness, and starvation.

Movies like this always grab my attention and it’s mainly because of the “End Of The World” kind of scenario. This film gives you all that but shows it to you in a way that feels more real than any other film like this before. It’s really interesting to see these sisters make due in an unfortunate situation and actually have it feel real enough to believe that something like this could happen. I genuinely liked this film a lot but I’m not going to lie, I kept expecting something like zombies or creatures to show up. Sadly none ever popped up but it did show that the world can be a dangerous place in itself when civilization starts to crumble. Page and Wood gave fantastic performances with tons of emotion behind everything they did. That connected me to their characters a whole lot more than I expected. As I stated before, I liked the film but as the third act began to come to a close I felt like there was no real closure to the story. It truly felt like an ending to a TV episode that we’ll never get to revisit to find out the true ending. It kind of left me wishing there was at least another 30 minutes to wrap things up a bit better. Post apocalyptic type films are always fun to watch so if this sounds interesting to you in the slightest then go ahead and pick this up. 7/10

Special Features:

The Making of Into the Forest – A typical Behind The Scenes feature that includes film clips and interviews from the cast.

Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Patricia Rozema

Into The Forest is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate


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