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The Movie:

Barbara Thorson (Madison Wolfe) is a teenage girl who chooses to escape the realities of school and a drab family life by retreating into her magical world of Titans and Giants. With the help of her new friend Sophia (Sydney Wade) and her school therapist (Zoe Saldana), Barbara will learn to battle her Giants and face her fears – tackling the mean bullies at school, her sister (Imogen Poots) and her difficult home life and eventually her biggest dread of the unknown.

This is a very interesting film and one that grabbed my attention immediately after reading the synopsis. As a kid I always had a HUGE imagination and whenever I come across a film where a main character is full of that quality I’m drawn to it immediately. The thing with that is throughout the film you never really know what may be real and what may be imagination. As the story plays out things become a whole lot more clear and a whole lot more heartbreaking. It really a fantastic story and the acting is superb. Wolfe knocks it out of the park and her performance is one that will forever be embedded in my brain. Saldana doesn’t have a super major role in the film but that doesn’t mean that it’s not important. Her character definitely ties the story together and gives a grounded element to it all. This was a movie that took me on a journey and kept me wondering how it was all going to play out and in turn had my eyes glued to the screen the whole time. This story was a great surprise that I can easily recommend to anyone looking for a unique film with a great main character. 8/10

Special Features:

The Making of I Kill Giants – A pretty good feature with interviews that include the cast and crew.

Anatomy of a Scene – A look at the “Titan” battle scene in the film.

I Kill Giants Graphic Novel: Chapter 1

Photo Gallery

I Kill Giants is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from RLJ Entertainment


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