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For 50 years the WWE has been the leading company in sports entertainment and this release looks back at the historic and legendary story of how the organization got to where it is today.

I’ve been a wrestling fan since as far back as I can remember. As I got a bit older I started to become more and more fascinated with the psychology and physicality of the sport. I got curious even further and would find tapes of wrestling events before my time and would just sit there and study each match and was engulfed by every wrestler and gimmick there was. This blu-ray was the perfect thing for a wrestling fan and I don’t think I’ve seen a comprehensive documentary like this one. They started from the beginning during the WWWF days with the likes of Bruno Sammartino all the way to the recent years with Triple H, The Rock and many others with so many interviews with superstars past and present. It was great to hear stories from J.J. Dillon, The Blackjacks, Ivan Koloff and Pat Patterson among others. They gave a lot of insight on the the way the business was back then and how little by little Vince K. McMahon slowly built his empire. I think the thing that I really liked the most was that it seemed to be pretty honest about a lot of things. They pulled no punches and talked about the steroid trial they went through and how it affected business. Not many companies would talk about a dark time such as that but in the end it’s still a part of the history of the company. They also touched on one of the saddest days in the WWE, the day Owen Hart died. There were some new interviews with wrestlers and crew about that day as well as some from the past. That was a little hard for me to watch because I remember that day so vividly and seeing how devastated everyone was the following night on RAW. I applaud them so much for not talking about the legal issues surrounding Hart’s death and instead celebrated his life and career. This documentary has a little bit for every wrestling fan. From the casual fan to the most hardcore, this can be enjoyed to the fullest. The only bad thing about it is that it’s only 2 hours long. With stories like this being told I get immensely intrigued and could sit all day just listening to the history of the WWE. If you’re a lover of all things wrestling then this will be a great addition to your collection.

Special Features:

Stories – There are a handful of moments that offer a few more stories that weren’t included in the main feature.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Vs. Big Show (WrestleMania XXIV, 3/30/08) – I really wasn’t too impressed with this gimmick match and there wasn’t anything too spectacular that “wow’d” me.

The Undertaker Vs. Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania 25, 4/5/09) – This match was very special to me. I was actually in attendance to see it and after being a Shawn Michaels fan since I was a kid it marks the first and last time that I saw HBK wrestle in person. Such a phenomenal match with so many great spots. It had me on the edge of my seat on many occasions.

WWE Championship Match: Bruno Sammartino Vs. “Superstar” Billy Graham (4/30/77) – Great classic match with two of the biggest stars of the WWWF.

WWE Championship Match: Hulk Hogan Vs. Andre the Giant (WrestleMania III, 3/28/87) – What can you say about this match that hasn’t been said 100 times. This really was a turning point for Hulk Hogan and started a new era in the WWF. I remember seeing this as a kid and even though I didn’t fully understand the build up to it I just remember it being larger than life.

1988 Royal Rumble Match (Royal Rumble, 1/24/88) – A not so exciting rumble match but this is the very first one so it definitely gets a pass in my book. Such a fantastic trip down memory lane and all I can think is where the WWE has taken it since then.

Koko B. Ware Vs. Yokozuna (Raw, 1/11/93) – Koko does the “job” to Yokozuna in this but is memorable because it is the very first match on RAW ever.

King of the Ring Finals: Jake “the Snake” Roberts Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (King of the Ring, 6/23/96) – Another cool match to be included in this release. This is more notable of being the birth of Austin 3:16 with Stone Cold giving his famous “Bible thumper” promo after the match.

WWE Championship Match: Bret Hart Vs. Shawn Michaels (Survivor Series, 11/9/97) – The infamous “Montreal Screw Job” that has been talked about for years. I remember studying and picking apart this match so much when I was younger. Great match with a very unfortunate ending.

Tyson and Austin! (Raw 1/19/98) – This segment had the mainstream media’s attention and pushed wrestling to the forefront once again.

WWE Championship Match: Triple H Vs. The Rock (SmackDown, 8/26/99) – I recall seeing this match on UPN when it first aired. The main reason I remember this was the superkick by guest referee Shawn Michaels at the end.

Mr. McMahon Announces The Purchase Of WCW (Raw 3/26/01) – This was such a big moment in the conclusion of the Monday Night Wars. I remember dreaming of it happening but never thought I would see it actually happen.

The Rock Vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan (WrestleMania X8, 3/17/02) – A really great generational match that was so high energy the entire way through. It was basically a “passing of the torch” kind of match.

Battle of the Billionaires Hair Vs. Hair Match: Bobby Lashley (w/ Donald Trump) Vs. Umaga (w/ Vince McMahon) (WrestleMania 23, 4/1/07) – I actually enjoyed this match a bit more than I wanted to. Everything was there, the action, the humor and the billionaires.

John Cena, Rey Mysterio, & Batista Vs. Chris Jericho, Big Show, & Randy Orton (Tribute to the Troops, 12/20/08) – I’m not a huge fan of six man tag matches but this was good for a Tribute To The Troops event. All the big names in the ring at the same time for a great cause.

CM Punk Speaks His Mind (Raw 6/27/11) – I see this as a turning point in Punk’s career and when it aired I sat there with my jaw dropped.

WWE Championship #1 Contender’s Match: CM Punk Vs. John Cena (Raw, 2/25/13) – Fantastic match with great action and storytelling. The false finishes had me practically yelling at the TV. I love it!

The History Of The WWE: 50 Years Of Sports Entertainment is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from WWE


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