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The Movie:

Jane ( joins her husband, Leonard ( on a work trip in Ischia, Italy. She encounters a younger man, Caleb (, whose persistence begins to enchant her and causes her to enter an affair. Will Jane remain in her loveless marriage or partake in a spontaneous love affair with Caleb? Written and directed by .

When I popped the blu-ray in and skimmed through the back cover, I noticed it had a black and white director version of this film. I had to watch it this way. So my review is on the black and white version. I felt it gave a great gloomy but romantic tone to the film. Anyway, so the film begins giving us a small run down of the relationship Jane and Leonard share. Leonard, a professional viola player, is wrapped up in his work. He seems young but brought down but his demanding job. Jane, in the beginning seems to have that same down mood. She sets out one day to visit the island and runs into Caleb, who is from the States but now resides in the island. He takes a quick liking to her and follows her around. You slowly see her open up a bit more and towards the end of their encounter, she seems very content to have crossed paths with Caleb. She recounts her adventure to her husband the next day, only to run into Caleb again. Pretty much from here, Caleb continues to entice Jane until she falls victim to his woos. She begins an affair with Caleb and opens up a dormant younger version of herself because of him. She wants to talk to Leonard, she wants him to see her change, but she is disappointed time and time again. Leonard chooses to turn the cheek to her changes. She is faced with a life altering decision. Go back home with Leonard or drop it all and take a trip with Caleb. Her choice wasn’t the most obvious.

There were scenes in the film that left you upset with each character. You are mad at Leonard for being so indulged in his career to not notice this beautiful young wife that he has by his side. You are mad at Jane for being weak and not speaking up to Leonard about her unhappiness, and obviously upset that she would chose to cheat on him. You are also mad at Caleb, who knowingly pursues a woman who is taken. You see each characters dynamics. Leonard is a weak man himself. When he finds out about the affair, he tells Jane to do what makes her happy and then come back to him. He no longer had love for her. He was comfortable with her and the idea of her, but who willingly tells their wife to leave with another man and then come back when your done? Caleb becomes so enthralled by Jane and feels a connection. But he feels a connection with someone that was never his. Jane finds herself. Grant it, it’s not very moral, but she discovers that her happiness is in her hands. She can choose to remain in a loveless relationship or venture into a youthful romance.

Such a small cast, but each actor was so wonderful in this film. has such presence on film, you are taken on a ride while you watch her create her magic. She effortlessly captured this character and had me connected with her from beginning to end. also did a great job portraying a oblivious husband. He caused my frustration for his character to eventually turn into pity for him. And of course, I cannot forget , who caused me to Google him as I watched him on film. If I’m looking you up online, you are having a serious effect on me. Such a fantastic actor! I have become a fan!

Overall, great film. The scenery was perfect for the black and white feature. I recommend this to any romantic, indie, and love triangle lovers out there!

Special Features:

Black and White Directors Version – Well, my review was based on this version and I absolutely loved it, so its a great feature! Must see.

And While We Were Here is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from WellGo USA Entertainment


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