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The Movie:

Uptight FBI Special Agent Ashburn () is given an opportunity for a promotion but must first solve the case of a big time drug kingpin and prove that she can work well with others. She is paired with foul-mouthed Boston cop Detective Mullins () who has a reputation of being very rebellious yet always gets her perp. They are two VERY different people that have to find a way to work together and get the job done.

With the names Bullock, McCarthy and Paul Feig attached to this film I immediately knew that this film was going to bring the laughs. This takes the buddy cop films to another level with the antics throughout. Bullock is a great dramatic actress but really has found a place in comedy. Her comedic timing is so perfect and the way she plays off the other actors is something that is learned with experience and not something that is taught. With a story like this it couldn’t have been better cast with Bullock in the straight laced cop role. It’s almost somewhat similar to her Miss Congeniality role where she was the uptight, clumsy cop and the clumsiness and silliness is what works for her. McCarthy on the other hand is a full on loose cannon. Her brand of comedy is so unpredictable and crazy that you are just waiting to see what she’s going to say next. She has the perfect blend of raunchy comedy and physicality that makes her extremely hilarious to watch on screen. Her improv skills are phenomenal and I can guarantee that she would be able to keep up with any top comedic actor out there. One of the best parts of the movie was the Mullins family themselves. They were so “out there” and crazy so the scenes they were . The film is consistent with the hilarity and will keep you laughing the entire time. I say this is a definite pick up and I can give this the Cinema Deviant seal of a approval.

Special Features:

Welcome to the Bonus Features – Director Paul Feig starts it all off with a with a quick fart joke.

Mullins Family Fun – A good amount of deleted scenes involving Detective Mullins’ very dysfunctional family.

Acting Master Class – This feature shows the cast being crazy on the set.

Let’s Get Physical – A gag reel involving all the physical comedy bits in the film.

Police Brutality – Funny outtakes involving Melissa McCarthy.

Von Bloopers – More bloopers and missed cues.

Supporting Cast Cavalcade – More outtakes. This time it’s involving the rest of the cast of the film.

Over and Out – An outro by Paul Feig with another fart joke.

All the Stuff We Had to Take Out but Still Think is Funny – This feature just complies together deleted, extended and alternate scenes from the film.

How “The Heat” Was Made – A good and entertaining 20 minute look at the making of the film.

The Heat is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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