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The Movie:

Having overcome the demons of his past, Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) is ready to start over with his new girlfriend Megan (Jaime Pressly) and her two adorable kids, Wyatt (Steele Stebbins) and Becky (Ashley Rickards). When their house is plagued by a rash of bizarre paranormal events, Malcolm turns for help to his buddy Miguel (Gabriel Iglesias) and exorcist Father Williams (Cedric the Entertainer) in an attempt to drive the evil spirits from his home. But it turns out it’s not just the house that’s haunted…

I’m not a huge fan of these horror spoofs at all. I possibly have seen a total of 15 minutes in total of the Scary Movie franchise BUT I figured I would give this horror spoof sequel a chance to change the way I look at the genre. Right from the start you see many references to horror movies from recent years and the story itself is set up pretty quickly. As the film continued on with absurd and outlandish brand of jokes a weird thing started to happen. I started laughing. I genuinely started to laugh at Wayans and his craziness not to mention the other cast of characters within the film. It’s possible that this movie just caught me on the right day but either way it got me. This is a different kind of humor so what you can expect is utter stupidity and such rather than a well thought out joke. Honestly though, sometimes we need nonsensical comedy every once in a while. This film contains spoof elements mainly from The Conjuring and does a pretty good job at twisting the characters around. Some of the funniest moments happened when there is physical comedy involved. Let’s just say that there’s a great fight scene between a chicken and Malcolm that will rival the epic fight scene in They Live……ok, maybe not exactly but it’s pretty damn good. I also liked the fact that there were little inside jokes here and there. The one that made me laugh more so than usual was Malcolm stating that he wished they would do more Scary Movie film with the Wayans Brothers because all the others sucked. It’s the little things like that that make the film a lot more humorous than I though it would be. If you’re like me and have hesitated watching any of these sorts of films then I would suggest starting with this one……even if you’re the least bit curious. You may just be surprised.

Special Features:

Deleted Scenes – A good amount of scenes here that will keep you entertained for a while but you can understand why they were cut.

A Haunted House 2 is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Universal Studios Home Entertainment


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