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Season Overview:

Big time city girl Zoe Hart () ends up in small town Bluebell, Alabama thanks to a stranger, Dr. Harley Wilkes who left her half of his medical practice. She soon finds out that this stranger was her biological father and sets out to discover who her father really was and decides to call Bluebell her home. She realizes being the new girl in a small town is not going to be easy and finds it very hard to gain everyone’s acceptance. Though she does come across the several few who are open to knowing her, her journey in this great town of Bluebell has some crazy twist and turns. CW series, created by .

After catching up on the first season and falling in love with these characters, I knew I had to watch this second season in its entirety. It’s hard to not love these CW shows, especially the ones that want to center on a small town (hint hint Gilmore Girls fanatic here). I again, started watching this show because my best friend recommended it, and I was so happy I did. The show has its wholesome feel but with the right amount of drama mashed into it. Zoe Hart is someone you want to be friends with, hip fashion sense and super cute personality make her a very hard character to not love. She has this on and off thing with George Tucker (), who also, is just the “golden boy” of the show and seems so perfect for her. Sometimes I think I don’t like him because we are made to want to like him…if that makes sense! Sometimes too perfect isn’t any fun, so enter Wade Kinsella ()who is his polar opposite. So rugged, so handsome, but such a troubled soul. This season had me annoyed for a bit, but I feel it was headed in the right direction (relationships wise) as the season progressed. I also adore the southern gals in this show. Lemon Breeland (), so beautiful and a force to be reckon with. Sometimes I think she is stuck in a time warp, but I actually heard her mention Rihanna in an episode (a small lol moment) and thought there must be more to her that we don’t know about. And her close friends AnnaBeth Nass () and Crickett () get more face time this season, which I appreciated, especially since they seemed to stand alone instead of part of Lemon’s army. I loved the introduction of Ruby Jeffries (), who turns out to be Lavon Hayes’ () ex-high school girlfriend. She came to put a spark back into Lavon, but didn’t get too far. Since George and Lemon are no longer an item, we were introduced to Tansy Truitt () and Walt Blodgett who play romantic interests for the newly single duo. Even Dr. Breeland () got in on the romance endeavors! This season had a lot of laughable moments, as well as the needed drama, which is why this show is so much fun to watch. Sometimes the super serious stuff just is too much for me, so I like popping in these DVDs and getting a little laughter with a smidge of a tear here and there lol I recommend this show to anyone who misses the Gilmore Girls (I had to lol) or anyone who wants a feel good CW show back in their lives. It’s so cute you’ll just want to hug it and put it in your pocket!

Hart Of Dixie: The Complete Second Season is available October 15th from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group


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