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The Movie:

Orlando Bloom and Riley Keough star in this thriller directed by Lance Daly. Dr. Martin Blake (Bloom) is a rookie doctor with a drive to prove himself to his collegues. Diane (Keough) is an 18 year old newly admitted patient with a kidney infection that comes in for treatment. When Dr. Blake takes on Diane’s case he does what he can to treat her but during her hospital stay he starts to develop a connection with Diane, something that as a doctor shouldn’t happen. There begins a downward spiral for Dr. Blake as he does things that are seemingly unethical in order to be closer to Diane and at the same time using that opportunity to make his colleagues take notice of his work.

The only way I can classify this movie is it being a quiet thriller. Most of the film takes place in a hospital so that makes for a lot of scenes to be silent or the dialogue to be low in tone but somehow it still provides the edge of your seat moments and panic that you see in the usual thriller. It was refreshing to see Orlando Bloom in a role such as this. His portrayal as a troubled doctor with a dark side really brought out something new and exciting. I hope we get to see more bigger name actors in unconventional roles such as this. Riley Keough was  good in this film and even though she was in a hospital bed most of the film she really played a pivotal part. Her acting career is fairly new but things are looking promising for her. Honorable mention goes to Michael Pena and his role as the hospital orderly. He can almost be described as the villain’s villain. The way this man can go from laughing and playing around to being completely serious with bad intentions in mind was the impressive part. He went face to face with Bloom’s character and matched him step for step and didn’t back down. This movie had its moments where I found myself talking to the TV. You know, those moments where the guy is about to get caught and you find yourself saying things out loud…..maybe a tad loudly. I don’t want to give away too much but the scene with the I.V. bag was one of them.

Special Features:

Making of The Good Doctor – A quick feature on the making of the film including cast interviews.

AXS TV: A Look at The Good Doctor – A promo with snippets of the cast talking about the film.

Although this release was light on the special features the movie was fantastic and was quite the nail biter. I definitely recommend picking this one up!

The Good Doctor comes to you on Blu-ray and DVD December 18th from Magnolia Home Entertainment


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