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The six-part final season finds Dr. Jenna James (Laurie Metcalf) determined to put the corporate-hospice scandal behind her, and pushing her research ambitions further than ever before. Nurse DiDi (Niecy Nash) emerges as a union leader amidst a family drama that finds its way onto the ward. Newly married Nurse Dawn (Alex Borstein) struggles to make sense of her new responsibilities and uncertain future, continuing to circle the orbit of male Supervising Nurse Patsy (Mel Rodriguez), who’s looking to embrace a new lifestyle. These personal stories play out against the backdrop of Billy Barnes’ threatened demise and the fight to keep the ward (and hospital) alive.

I had honestly never watched this show before so I had to watch the previous seasons beforehand. Very quickly I fell in love with it and the quirky cast. Now that I know that this was the final season it hurt just a little bit to see it go. The main reason why the show was great was because it took the everyday life that doctors and nurses lead and it finds the humor in it was…..even if it’s somewhat morbid. When something drama filled starts happening and you become emotionally invested in a moment then it takes a right turn and makes you laugh out loud. It really is a great way to balance everything out. I haven’t really seen Metcalf in anything since Roseanne so it was nice to see her and from the looks of it she hasn’t missed a comedic step at all. Her skittish demeanor is the main attribute of her character that makes her so funny yet so very human in her surroundings. Nash has some great moments in this season that are more on the serious side but that makes for great banter when another actor comes in crazed about an incident in the hospital. Borstein was the biggest surprise of the bunch she had some very serious moments and then instantly flipped the switch and had me laughing. Her scenes with Rodriguez were some of the best in the season that showed lots of heart underneath all the bickering. There are times with series finales that they tend to end on a weird note or feel incomplete but that isn’t the case with this show. For it only being around for 3 seasons I thought that the ending they gave it was fitting and felt like it wrapped everything up very nicely. It’s unfortunate that it won’t be coming back but this is easily a show that you can get through with minimal time consumption so I definitely recommend checking out this underrated gem. 9/10

Special Features:

Getting On: Invitation To The Ward – A look at the final season of the show and how each of the characters have evolved.

Getting On: The Complete Third Season is available NOW on Digital HD


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