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The Movie:

How far would you go to get a job? Recent college grads Will (Miles Teller) and Jillian (Anna Kendrick) desperately want to become a power couple — but first they have to get jobs! When work prospects threaten to strand Will and Jillian in entry-level hell, Will starts thinking out of the box — and hatches a hilarious assault on the job market.

I was interested in checking this film out almost immediately because of how much of a fan I am of the two stars. The film tackles the subject of unemployment but it does it in an extremely funny manner with lots of gags along the way. The film as a whole had a nice message of following your dreams and not giving up on what you really want in life BUT there were things that bothered me about it. Seeing how Teller’s character was trying to apply for a job in the corporate industry, he had a total disregard of professionalism and was surprised when he was being looked over. If I was younger then I probably wouldn’t have even thought twice about it but looking at it as an older person it’s not surprising at all and I wouldn’t have hired him either. That was probably the only thing that bothered me a bit throughout the entire thing. Teller and Kendrick were great together and their sarcastic humor goes hand in hand perfectly. The supporting cast is pretty great too but to be honest there were some moments that involved them that could’ve been trimmed or taken out altogether. I felt like it took away from the main characters of the film. The third act of the film was the most satisfying with Will finally getting a grasp on his professional life and doing what he loves the most. I thought that was a nice touch and put out a great message as well. This film is more than likely aimed at people in their early 20’s but I think the message is really a universal one that everybody can benefit from. So if you’re looking for something that’s a bit inspirational and if you don’t mind the sophomoric humor at times then I suggest picking it up. 6/10

Special Features:

Video Resume Outtakes – A short amount of outtakes but these are pretty damn funny.

Where It All Began: The Cast of Get a Job – A look at the films’ premise from the perspective of the cast and crew.

Get A Job is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate


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