Game Review: The Wolf Among Us // E3 – A Crooked Mile


The Wolf Among Us has been great from the start but this episode was the turning point for the game. All of the clues and twists started to pay off and we started to get more answers…….but also a lot more questions. There really wasn’t as many actions based aspects that I would’ve liked but the narrative was what really caught me. This part of the story focused a lot on Snow and Bigby as they deal with the aftermath of what happened to Lily. Bigby is hot on the trail of a very familiar suspect and yet there are other people that get in the way that can’t be trusted on bit. Little by little it’s revealed that this may be bigger than what the Sheriff initially thought and that’s where it gets interesting. Telltale has done a great job at revealing things yet not too much and still keeping the player intrigued. I still love the fact that the game keeps my attention by introducing new characters in every episode and I’m waiting to see just how dark they are. In “A Crooked Mile” we get introduced to Bloody Mary and let’s just say that with an attitude like hers I think she’ll be living up to the name really soon. Usually throughout gameplay, every time you make a decision it will tell you up on top of the screen “He/She will remember this” and in probably one of the funniest moments during a talk with a drunken Grendel he passes out and it says “He will not remember this”. It’s little things like that that keep it interesting and fresh. I thought that the second episode started to feel just a tad bit slow in spots but this definitely makes up for it and then some. This pretty much is the middle point of the season and I can just feel the ball rolling to something big and shocking and I am on pins and needles to find out what it is. Episode four can’t come soon enough!!

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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – A Crooked Mile is available NOW on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC from Telltale Games


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