Game Review: The Walking Dead – Season Two // E3 – In Harm’s Way


Just like Telltale Games’ other title “The Wolf Among Us”, we’ve reached the mid point of the season and it’s been excellently crafted…..but kind of slow as far as the pace goes. That changes BIG TIME in this episode. As soon as you start you can almost sense that it’s going to build up to something rather intense and it definitely didn’t let me down. The group gets put in a situation where every choice from here on out will really mean something in the next two episodes. The entire episode takes place at the compound that Carver has put together and the first thing that came to mind after interacting with some of the people there was Woodbury and The Governor. Michael Madsen is nothing short of extraordinary as Carver. The grit to his voice provides the perfect tone that is needed to have the antagonist come to life. All of the voice acting involved was fantastic but there was one thing that I wasn’t a fan of too much and that’s the performance of Kumail Nanjiani. I really hate to say that too because I really like him as a comedian and actor but there was just something about his line reading that was “off”. At times it sounded very flat and didn’t fit the tone of the scene at the moment.The second half of the episode is where things get interesting and make you feel really fulfilled as a player. The final scenes were my favorite and showed lots of action and something that I had been waiting for them to bring back up since the end of season one. This has been to best episode thus far and showed just how Telltale Games can push you to think that nothing is going to happen and give you a false sense of security but suddenly punch you in the face with danger and excitement. There are two episodes left in this season and if this is any indication on what’s to come then I’m looking forward to it but also a bit worried on what might happen to the characters I’ve gotten used to so far…..especially Kenny.

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 3: In Harm’s Way is available NOW for 400MSP on Xbox Live or 4.99 on the Playstation Network from Telltale Games


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