Game Review: The Walking Dead – Season Two // E1 – All That Remains


walking dead season 2 ep 1 part 2A little over a year has passed since we last saw Clementine and everyone (myself included) has been waiting (im)patiently to find out what’s in store for her. Finally, the wait is over and Telltale Games has given us the first episode of season two titled “All That Remains”. I don’t want to give too much away buy this entry picks up two years after the events of the first season and shows Clementine traveling with Omid and a pregnant Christa. Within minutes of gameplay there is already so much sadness and drama but that’s exactly what makes this so intriguing. From start to finish the start of the story keeps you at the edge of your seat and wanting to know more. Even though there is already a built in audience for the game, newcomers of the story will easily be persuaded to start from the very beginning to get the complete story. Just with this one episode Telltale has already created a piece of art that people will look back at in appreciation. The tension in this episode is astounding and you can see a significant change in Clementine’s attitude. She’s is so much more hardened than before and2360089-clementineshed seems like she’s learned so much from Lee but still feels so alone even though there are people around her. There is a moment where she befriends a dog and moments soon after it becomes a test of morality. The gameplay is basically the same as before but with a couple of new aspects that make the game feel updated. They still have the same type of moments in the game that urge you to navigate to an object fast before danger approaches that keep you on your toes. It’s things like that I appreciate because there will be some players out there that will think all the game consists of is choosing what to do but it’s so much more than that. This game actually requires your attention and you’ll want to hear everything that everyone is saying. A new feature that I did notice was kind of like an inventory of items that you are carrying with you that is lists itself with icons off to the left of the screen. That is a nice addition as you start to pick up items that can be used to solve puzzles or in certain situations. This episode has already proven to be the start of another great season and I’m once again waiting (im)patiently for Episode 2.

You can download The Walking Dead Season Two – Episodes 1 NOW for 400MSP each on Xbox Live or 4.99 each on the Playstation Network.


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