Game Review: The Walking Dead The Game // E5 – No Time Left

We pick back up from the end of the fourth episode and the mysterious voice on the walkie talkie has made his presence known even more. Lee is beginning to fade fast and a decision is made in an attempt to prolong things. Let’s just say that it makes things a bit harder for Lee to climb a ladder. As they return to the mansion they see that their boat is gone and one of newest additions to the group had left a not stating that he had taken it. They no longer have a game plan. Their vision is now plain and simple: Find Clementine and get the hell out of Savannah.

Here we are, the finale. This episode wasn’t the longest but it was ultimately the most satisfying……and the saddest. Though this episode didn’t have a whole lot of actual gameplay (more decision making than anything) it carried a lot of emotion with it and that made up for the (very tiny) things that it lacked. Also, with the “handicap” and inevitable end that Lee faces brings so much drama and a sense of urgency to every decision you make. The bond that Lee and Clementine have made has grown immensely. It went from Lee just being a babysitter to her to him being a surrogate father figure and the writer does a tremendous job at showing the transition. The heartstrings keep getting pulled when Lee starts trying to make preparations for Clementine when his time comes. By this time I’ve become so invested into all these characters that it’s horrible to see anyone go. Kenny and Ben’s death was the most surprising. Mainly because Kenny had been completely against Ben for most of the season and had been giving him so much grief over everything. This showed Kenny genuinely felt bad and tried to redeem himself by not allowing Ben to die alone. By the end of this episode Lee has given Clementine all the knowledge to survive in the world and even though it may be sad it makes you feel like she really has a chance out there. Telltale Games has created an experience that will define the way people look at games for years to come. They created a world that makes it feel less like you’re playing a video game and more like you’re taking part in an interactive TV show. With Telltale Games announcing that there will be another season of The Walking Dead that makes the possibilities of where this story could go practically endless. I’ll definitely be waiting (hopefully not too long) to see how Clementine fairs in a world that has been overrun by the undead.

You can download The Walking Dead: The Game episodes 1-5 for 400MSP each on Xbox Live or 4.99 each on the Playstation Network.


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