Game Review: The Walking Dead The Game // E4 – Around Every Corner

This episode starts with the group walking through the streets of Savannah, Georgia. They quickly realize that they aren’t alone and they can’t tell the intentions of the voice on the walkie talkie. Once Walkers start to run rampant in the streets they escape to safety to a nearby mansion. Kenny lets everyone know that the only way they can get away is to find a boat so Lee and him head to the nearby harbor. They don’t find a boat in sight but they to come to two startling discoveries. One: They make contact with the person that has been hiding in the shadows since they arrived in the city. Two: They find a city within the city. Kenny and Lee head back to tell them the news and soon after Clementine finds a boat locked up in a large storage shed in the backyard but it’s missing a battery and it has no gas. At the same time one of the group is severely injured and needs medicine. The group decides that in order to possibly get what they need they have to infiltrate the newly discovered compound and search for supplies. By the end of the episode the unthinkable happens and now the group must think more about the future rather than the present.

So far this has been my favorite episode (I tend to keep saying that as I play the continuing story). By this point we have found out a few things about Ben that has changed Lee’s outlook on him and now the group has a few more members. Things have gotten very tense since Kenny feels like they’re so close to escaping and that has pulled me in even more as I continue on. This episode had a bit more action to it and even had some FPS gameplay in it. There were a few more puzzle elements in this episode as well although they weren’t really all that difficult to figure out. Hopefully that changes a bit in the future. Though it was slow in moments I felt like it was all for a reason. To build up then ultimately let things simmer before the finale. I tend to keep questioning who to really trust but it all comes back to one thing and that’s to protect Clementine and keep her safe. Things are starting to get more and more intense in the game. Physically and emotionally. Episode five is right around the corner for me and lets just hope the decisions I’ve made prove to be the right ones.

You can download The Walking Dead: The Game episodes 1-5 for 400MSP each on Xbox Live or 4.99 each on the Playstation Network.



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