Game Review: The Walking Dead The Game // E3 – Long Road Ahead

Now that the group (well besides a few) has returned to the motel they’re starting to encounter a problem. Supplies are starting to get scarce and it’s getting more and more dangerous to go out and scout for food. Lily becomes suspicious that someone in the group is stealing supplies and lets Lee know of her concern even though they really aren’t on the best terms. Lee thinks shes stressed out and starting to become delusional but decides to humor her and do a bit of investigating. As he starts to question members of the group he ends up figuring out that Lily isn’t delusional and someone is indeed stealing supplies and leaving them for someone in a hiding spot right outside of the camp. As soon as Lee is about to tell Lily the bandits come and try to raid the camp. They demand more supplies but before they know it they’re also overrun by Walkers. With the group being out numbered the jump into the newly repaired RV and flee the motel. At this point everyone is under suspicion and Lily won’t let anyone off lightly.

This episode has to be the most emotional so far and with this being the third episode I feel like this is the jumping off point to something bigger. Things are starting heat up and unfortunately lives are lost in some of the worst ways. You also see Lee become a lot closer with Clementine and really worry more and more about her safety. Clementine herself begins to smarten up about the world around her and question things a bit more. Kenny, from the looks of it is heading down a strange, unstable direction and I’m starting to become unsure of what to expect from him. Due to an outburst from Lily the group now knows a bit of Lee’s past and from the looks of it he’s beginning to open up a bit more about it. There’s more action throughout the episode which I think lacked in the previous episode. The puzzle factor was more apparent as well and that was a good change but I think they could’ve been a bit more difficult. I wonder if we’re going to see more familiar faces soon with where the group is headed now. The build up in this episode is pretty nice and I have myself invested in the Lee and Clementine’s relationship and story. I can’t wait to start episode four!

You can download The Walking Dead: The Game episodes 1-5 for 400MSP each on Xbox Live or 4.99 each on the Playstation Network.


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