Game Review: The Walking Dead The Game // E2 – Starved For Help

Starved for Help starts a few months down the road (3, I believe) with Lee and a few of the guys out hunting for some food. They hear screams and find a teacher with two of his students in the woods. The teacher stepped in a bear trap and suddenly Walkers start to take notice and close in because of the screams. I went ahead and had Lee make the choice to chop his leg off and get back to the motel. Unfortunately, one of the students didn’t make it but everyone else got back to camp. After a small confrontation with Lilly she pretty much hands the reigns over to Lee and has him make the decision on who to give food to in the group as rations are starting to get scarce.

Two brothers come across their camp and invite them to come and visit the farm that they live on. They decide to go check it out and are surprised to see that the farm looks to be surrounded by an electrical fence. The group is welcomed with open arms by the mother of the two brothers and things are fine and dandy. Not everything is sitting right with Kenny and he feels like something is up. Lets just say……….he’s right.

I’m REALLY enjoying this game so far. There’s something about playing a game and being involved in a situation that let’s you shape the gameplay that is extremely appealing to me. This episode I feel gets the wheels turning as to what kind of man Lee is going to be. It tests Lee’s morality and we start to see things take shape. I may have made a few questionable choices but I kept trying reassure Clementine that I was doing things for a reason. I think the biggest surprise was the reveal of what was really going on at the farm. I figured something wasn’t right but…..damn. The other thing that this episode brings out is the fact that Walkers aren’t the only danger out there and at this moment the group only has each other to trust. Sure it’s lacking a little of the “video game” aspect but honestly after I started playing that was the last thing on my mind. This game really engulfs me completely and I’m starting to get even more excited to find out where this story is heading.

You can download The Walking Dead: The Game episodes 1-5 for 400MSP each on Xbox Live or 4.99 each on the Playstation Network.


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