Game Review: The Walking Dead 400 Days

Telltale Games is back with another episode for the first season of The Walking Dead: The Game entitled The Walking Dead: 400 Days. If you are like me then you’ve played the first five episodes and have been itching for more of the world that Telltale and Robert Kirkman have created since then. 400 Days takes the great elements from previous episodes and uses them for the five separate stories involving five separate people. Their stories take place at various times during the first 400 days after the zombie outbreak.

Vince: He killed a person to help out his brother and is now paying for his choices. He’s on a bus headed to prison when the outbreak happens and must make a rough choice on who to sacrifice to escape with his life.

Wyatt: Him and his friend Eddie are in their car trying to outrun and escape someone when they hit something (or someone) on the road. As they are in shock as to what just happened they are unsure if they should go back and check what they hit.

Russell: A young man on his own hiking through the country to see if his Grandmother is still alive. A guy comes by and offers him a ride to wherever he’s going. They eventually get shot at when they head to a truck stop to pick up some supplies and come to a crossroads as to what to do once they stop their attackers.

Bonnie: A rehabbed drug addict now traveling with an older couple named Leland and Dee. Leland starts to take a liking to Bonnie and Dee sees that immediately. Dee goes out to scout for supplies and comes back with a bag that belongs to another camp. Those survivors come looking for their belongings and chase the trio through a cornfield where something terrible happens.

Shel: She’s part of a group that has taken over a truck stop and made it their camp. A random man makes his way into their camp and they have to decide whether they let him go or kill him.

The ending sees a woman named Tavia from a large camp that eventually finds her way to the survivors from the previous stories that somehow came together. The beautiful thing about this series and this episode specifically is that depending on the decisions you made previously it directly impacts the story and who goes or stays when Tavia gives the group the invite to join her and her camp. One great thing about this episode was that it introduced a few new gameplay elements that made things a bit fresh and interesting. If this is any indication of what’s to come for the future of The Walking Dead then I truly cannot wait for season two. The storytelling is another fantastic improvement and had me conflicted when it came down to making a decision. That just means that the writers did their job perfectly and created another great interactive masterpiece. The ONLY problem is that after playing it makes you want more! It’s like being starved for so long and then being given a small taste of steak. I just hope we don’t have to wait too long for the next entry in the series or I might have to go Zombie on someone.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is available NOW from Telltale Games on Playstation Network, Xbox Live, iOS and PC for $4.99
(Please Note: You must have The Walking Dead: Episode One – A New Day installed in order to play 400 Days)


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