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Back in 2000 I was introduced to the phenomenon known as Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 64 and I’ve loved the franchise ever since. Now we have the newest installment in the series and the big question is: Does it live up to the hype?

This iteration of Smash pulls away from the story mode a bit and really concentrates more on the multiplayer or group playing aspect of it as well as just good ol’ fashioned “beat em up” gaming. Let’s face it though, that’s what this game does best. Every previous entry in the franchise has boasted some sort of improvements here and there but this one has the biggest (and best) by far. With a phenomenal roster of 51 characters, the introduction of Amiibo and the return of the use of the Gamecube controller it’s hard not to consider this a fan favorite even without playing a single second of it. Thankfully I’ve played more than just a second and I have to say that it’s as every bit as awesome as it seems. As soon as I started it up I jumped right into a Smash battle against a CPU. I have to say that the AI has gotten a lot more challenging than I remember which is awesome if you’re looking for a challenge and there were some particularly frustrating times when all you needed was one good hit then your opponent blasts you out of the level. It was the good kind of frustration though. The kind that makes you want to play and play until you get it right and that’s one of the biggest reasons why this game has major replay value. Well that and of course all the unlockables that you are rewarded when you play enough.

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The number of options of gameplay are crazy! You have the typical Smash battle which like I’ve stated is always fun. There’s the Smash Tour which is kind of similar to Mario Party in a sense that it’s kind of like a board game scenario with turn based moves. In this mode you can collect power up and stats to add to your fighter as well as compete in battle as players cross each other on the board. There’s also the Games & More mode where you have Target Blast, Multi-Man Smash and Home-Run Contest which are addicting and I manage to lose myself in whenever I play. Those mini games are also available to play in a group as well which is pretty cool.

Amiibo is something that I initially thought was going to be exactly like Skylanders or Disney Infinity. It’s similar but they work fairly differently. These amazingly crafted figurines actually hold game data as well as leveling up your Amiibo and it’s attributes. The best and most impressive part in my opinion is that you can take it over to a friends house and load up your character and put a beat down on your buddies.


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Like I had stated before, multiplayer really is where it’s at and nothing beats hanging out with a big group of friends and just going at it in battle. With Gamecube controllers and Gamecube adapters coming into play, 8 people can throw down and have fun or yelling and throwing couch pillows at each other like what happened in my house. The ONLY thing that bothered me a bit was the craziness that ensued when all 8 players were on screen at the same time. The level would zoom out a bit and it would get a bit difficult to pin point where your fighter was for a minute…..and sometimes that minute counts. Other than that there were no other complaints. It’s a fantastic, solid game that will provide HOURS and HOURS of gameplay without even realizing it.

Bottom Line: If you’ve ever played a Super Smash Bros game then there’s no doubt that you’ll love this even more than it’s predecessors and if you haven’t played one (let’s face it, who hasn’t) then you’ll be hooked right away.

Super Smash Bros. is available NOW for Wii U and 3DS from Nintendo


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