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The Story:

In the original storyline, Ultron teams up with Loki in an effort to steal Asgard’s immensely powerful Infinity Stone. To accomplish this, Ultron and Loki create robotic replicas of the famed Marvel Super Heroes and turn them against each other in an effort to distract them while they commit their crime. The Marvel Super Heroes duplicates battle each other in iconic environments such as a wrecked Brooklyn train yard, Wakanda and S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Lunar Base, culminating in a universe-shaking battle against Ultron.
I thought the story was really entertaining and clever. It gave a great reason as to why all of these characters were fighting each other and was interesting enough to try to find out what was going on. With this being a Disney Infinity game the story isn’t too in depth or anything but it does have some cool elements like the team up of Loki and Ultron. The ONLY bad thing is that the story mode is roughly about 30 minutes long. It ended on a great note though and left me REALLY wanting to experience more.

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The controls are no different than any other iteration of Disney Infinity but the features that it has makes it a perfect party game. The versus mode includes five different features like Battlegrounds which is the “up to 4 player” fighting mode. Unlike Super Smash Bros we get a pulled back 90 degree view of the stage which is extremely helpful and kept me from losing sight of my character. The Superhero feature is basically a 4v4 timed battle that gives you the opportunity of taking the power of the character you knock out in order to survive the match. Hero Of The Hill was the most fun in my opinion. There is an energy ring and the object is to stay within the ring and keep everyone else out of it. It’s somewhat similar to Capture The Flag but more in tone with what King Of The Mountain is. Rumble is essentially survival mode so be ready to marathon your way through opponents. The there is the Custom feature which will allow you matchmaking options like: Time, Points, Health Modifiers and Damage Modifiers. The biggest question I had before this game was released was if we would have to keep changing out characters after each match if we decided to pick someone else. Thankfully the Disney Infinity team thought about that. You can switch out the actual figurines and keep them in the game memory to avoid having to tediously keep switching them out. So basically you’ll be free to pick any character you want from the selection screen if you have the actual figurine BUT there are opportunities to gain trial tokens to try out certain characters that you may not have so you have the chance to sample them a bit.
Then there are Challenge Missions which can be played to gain rewards for the game such as Toy Box toys and alternate outfits for the characters to wear during Battlegrounds gameplay. There are 28 of them to go through and you can replay each of them on Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme so you’ll definitely be spending some time getting through them all. 

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The Verdict:
If you love any of the previous versions of Disney Infinity or are a fan of fighting games then this will be a no brainer without a doubt. The story mode is pretty short and that was really my only complaint. Other than that it’s fantastic and will compete fairly close with Super Smash Bros as well as being a great all around game. Not only that but the Marvel characters that were included in this wave were so perfect. Ant-Man, Black Panther, Vision and Black Suit Spider-Man were the characters that the game had been missing and having them included now it feels like a more complete game. I REALLY can’t wait what characters are coming and what Disney Infinity has in store for the future! 9/10
As an added BONUS here is my “Unboxing” video for Marvel Battlegrounds and the current wave of figures. THANKS to Disney for those!!

Disney Infinity 3.0 – Marvel Battlegrounds is available NOW on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 from Disney Interactive


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