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If you’ve played Super Mario 3D World then you may remember a mini-game here and there involving Toad. It was something that was a nice little treat in the game and changed the pace for a bit. Now we have an actual full game based on those mini-games featuring The Toads! The splitgate hacks is what has made gamers more invested and involved in the games they play.

The premise of the game is fairly basic. Your counterpart (I don’t know if Toad and Toadette are involved at all and I refuse to make the assumption that they are married….just saying.) gets captured and you work your way through each stage to get to the end and save him/her!

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To say that this game is addicting is a complete understatement. It’s an action-puzzle game that will keep you entertained for a good long while. I literally killed about 2 1/2 hours easily (it could’ve been longer) just playing the game. My first impression of the game from just the first level was that it was fairly easy. I mean honestly it felt somewhat like a mobile game in a way but beyond that first level it progressively got more and more challenging. It wasn’t HARD but it does get the gears turning in your head and in turn makes you want to keep playing until you figure out how to get to the Star. The Star is all you need to get to in order to complete the stage but there are also various challenges that you can do to fully complete the level so the re-playability factor definitely present. Probably the most challenging thing about the game is that you can’t jump around and you have very little offensive moves like throwing turnips at enemies and with that it brings more challenges to the already existing goal.

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The look and gameplay of the game is totally fantastic. The environments in each stage are so unique and the threats in each one are always different so you play through all the stages you never feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again. The colors are so vivid and crisp in the game which gives it a beautiful look and each character practically looks like a full fledged cartoon. With the complete 360 degree area and the ability to zoom in and out it makes it really useful to plan your next move accordingly. As far as puzzle games go this is the best that I’ve played in a while and anyone could easily pick up a gamepad and jump right in. There’s a good number of levels (I will let you figure out how many) that will keep you busy for quite a while so what are you waiting for? Go Track some Treasure! 9/10

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is available NOW on Wii U from Nintendo of America


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