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Bioshock Infinite really raised the bar as far as storytelling and truly brought the series full circle in a way that I don’t think anyone could’ve ever expected. Then it was announced that there would be a “side story” DLC that would take us back to the underwater city of Rapture. Automatically I was excited and couldn’t wait to play it. The only thing that I didn’t realize what impact it would have on the main story. If you’ve already played Bioshock Infinite (SPOILERS) then you know that the world of Bioshock is one of many variations of the same story. Elizabeth is pretty spot on when she says “There’s always a lighthouse. There’s always a man. There’s always a city” and with that idea I figured that Burial At Sea was another variation of the same story. Technically yes, I’m right but it proved to be so much more.

The game takes it back to very beginning of Rapture and before everything went to hell. If you look around you can almost immediately spot familiar areas that aren’t demolished and everything looks spiffy. The main focus of the story is Booker (who is a private investigator) being hired by Elizabeth to search for a young girl named Sally within Rapture and what unfolds is a very interesting companion piece to the main story with plenty of twists that only a Bioshock game could deliver. Ken Levine has really showed us that he had a big vision and he truly knocked it out of the park with this 2 part DLC. Throughout the game and as certain things were revealed all I could think was “How did they do it?! It all fits perfectly!”. I was floored by the amount of detail that was put into the actual story itself and how it weaved its way in and out of the the main story of the first game as well as how many ends it tied up. You’ll see lots of characters that you may have crossed paths with during the initial game like Atlas, Frank Fontaine, Andrew Ryan and of course the Big Daddies and Little Sisters. We even have the return of Plasmids and EVE which completed the nostalgia of the game. I won’t give any details but when you complete episode 2 you will feel satisfied with what was done and if you’re anything like me then you’ll want to play the previous games all over again. This is DLC that you won’t want to miss out on and I can easily, without a doubt recommend this to anyone that is looking for an emotional, deep, interconnecting story.


Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea – Episode 1 & 2 are available NOW on Playstation Network, Xbox Live and PC from Irrational Games


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