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The Movie:

By day Gerri Dandridge is a sexy professor, but by night she transforms into a real-life vampire with an unquenchable thirst for human blood. So when a group of high school students travel abroad to study in Romania, they find themselves ensnared in Gerri’s chilling web of lust and terror. Charley and “Evil” Ed must stop Gerri from drinking and bathing in the blood of a “new moon virgin,” which just so happens to be Charley’s ex-girlfriend, Amy. They enlist help from Peter Vincent, the vampire hunting host of a reality show called “Fright Night,” to drive a stake through Gerri’s plan and save Amy from a fate far worse than death.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this title. Usually the “direct to video” sequels of big budget films don’t measure up to their precursor but as I started to watch I quickly realized that this isn’t a “sequel” at all. It’s really hard to describe what this really is but if I had to give it a label then I would have to call it an “Alternate Reimagining” of the 2011 film, which is kind of weird to say but that’s as close to anything as I could call it. It wasn’t bad at all, I just think that it should’ve been a standalone Fright Night film without the “2” in the title. There were some pretty good scares throughout and LOTS of blood (which is always good for a vamp movie) which made up for the rehashed plot. The acting wasn’t at all as cheesy as I expected either. put on a good performance and had some intense scenes in the final act that I was impressed with. played a vampiric temptress very well and commanded the screen when she graced it. Just the sight of her made your skin crawl because you knew that something wasn’t right about her character. If you’re looking for an entertaining flick for the Halloween season then check this one out.

Special Features:

Fright Night Webisodes – An entertaining collection of webisodes featuring the cast of the film.

Dracula Revealed – This feature takes a look at Vlad The Impaler and Elisabeth Bathory whom the film draws inspiration from.

Fright Night 2: New Blood is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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