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The Movie:

Ollie Trinke (Ben Affleck) is at the top of his game. A smooth Manhattan music publicist, Ollie has just married the love of his life (Jennifer Lopez) and has a child on the way. It’s a perfect life that is tragically upended when he suddenly finds himself a single father unqualified for his new role. Before long Ollie’s big city lifestyle clashes head on with fatherhood. After losing his job, he’s forced to move back in with his father (George Carlin) in the New Jersey suburb where he was raised. With the help of a beautiful young friend (Liv Tyler) who opens him up to love again, and the daughter who gives him the courage to keep going, he begins to realize that sometimes, you have to forget about what you thought you were and just accept who you are.

Kevin Smith has made a career of raunchy stoner comedies but took a surprising left turn when he gave us this sweet film about a father and daughter. Over the years there have been MANY people that have looked down at this film or not given it a chance at all. 9 out of 10 times it was because of the “Bennifer” factor. If you still haven’t seen it because of that then shame on you and SPOILER ALERT………….she’s only in it for like maaaaybe 20 minutes. Truth is, this is one of the most thoughtful, funny and sweet movies (I never thought I would say that about a Kevin Smith film) that I’ve seen from Smith. It takes the “fish out of water” scenario in film and applies it to parenthood which makes for some pretty funny situations. Affleck was made for this role. He took it and completely embodied what a single parent goes through to raise a child. Tyler fit this film and gave it the needed “reintroduction to love”. She’s funny and at the same time can make you say awwwww. That, to me, is the perfect combination. The inclusion of Carlin as Ollie’s father was interesting. Given his past roles and comedy acts it was just funny to see him as the voice of reason but it ended up working so flawlessly. Newcomer (at the time) Raquel Castro who played Ollie’s daughter Gertie was so cute and provided us with all the awkward and cutesie moments. Castro was so adorable that if she walked up to me and asked for my wallet I would totally hand it over. She was like a pint sized grown up and owned each scene she was in. I loved this film so much because of it’s realism and heart. There’s no way you don’t have some sort of emotion coming from you by the end of this movie.

Special Features:

The Making Of Jersey Girl – A brief retrospective on making of the film. This one was pretty basic and I felt like it could’ve been a bit more in depth.

Kevin And Ben Reminisce – Smith and Affleck share memories of their career and friendship as they banter back and forth like brothers.

Roadside Attractions With Kevin Smith – A small segment that Smith used to take part in from The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Jersey Girl is available NOW from Echo Bridge Home Entertainment


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