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The Movie:

Lyle (Warren Beatty) and Chuck (Dustin Hoffman) are a singer/songwriter duo that plan on making it big and becoming the next Simon & Garfunkel. The thing is, they aren’t very good at it. Their manager (as a last ditch effort) books them as lounge singers overseas in Moracco to entertain some of the troops stationed there. Little did they know that they were going to be thrown right in the middle of a plot to overthrow the Emir of Ishtar.

I’m a big fan of Beatty and Hoffman as it is so seeing them together in a comedic film is an added bonus. “Fish out of water/Road tripping” type films have always been a favorite of mine for the simple facts that everything seems so foreign to the characters and the hilarity that ensues during the adventure. I loved this film still even after I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about it over the years.  It’s the perfect blend of observational and dimwit humor which sometimes is the best kind. Its good to sit back and enjoy very subtle comedy that doesn’t make you think too much which this film does greatly. I think the other thing I liked was the fact that both stars more or less played against their type. Beatty was a guy that seemed very bumbling and couldn’t talk to the ladies while Hoffman was a smooth talking ladies man. Something like that is a good way at keeping things fresh for established actors and gives the audience something different than the usual roles we’re used to seeing them in. Ishtar has a lot of funny moments (some funnier than others) and if you’re looking for a good, classic chuckle then this will be perfect for a lazy movie day at home. Check it out!

Special Features:

There were NONE which was a bit disappointing!

Ishtar is available NOW on Blu-ray from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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