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The Movie:

Being the new girl in town is never easy. Veronica, a loner, appears to be the perfect target for a group of boys who hunt and kill women in the woods for sport. The boys plan to lure Veronica out so that they can have their fun, but she surprises them, and the night in the woods turns deadly. Veronica is training to be an assassin, and killing the boys is her final test. She plans to be the last one standing when the clock runs out.

There are 2 ways to watch this film. One would be for what the film is on the surface and that’s a vengeance piece. I thought it would’ve had some sort of catch or twist to the story but it was pretty straight forward and very enjoyable. There was no way that you couldn’t root for Breslin’s character and what she was trained for. On the other hand you couldn’t help but want the group of guys in the film to get what they had coming…especially Ludwig’s character. Damn douche. I do wish that Bentley had a bigger part in the film though. Anyway, the other way to watch this film is as an art piece. I’ve been a fan of Tyler Shields (the director) for a while. First as a rollerblader and by chance I came across some great photos that he took and then became a fan of his photography so of course I really wanted to see his directorial debut. His style came across brilliantly on screen and basically ended up feeling like his photographs. There was a surreal feel to the third act that almost seemed like I was on drugs as I watched it. It was great! The dark imagery and lighting created beautiful scenery and complimented the story perfectly. This was a great debut for Shields and very enjoyable from beginning to end. Pick this one up! 8/10

Special Features:

The Making Of Final Girl – The typical Behind The Scenes feature with film clips and interviews from the cast and crew.

Logan Huffman “Danny” Outtakes – Pretty funny look at the actor goofing off on set.

Photo Gallery With Commentary By Director/Photographer Tyler Shields

Final Girl is available NOW on DVD from Cinedigm


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