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Season Overview:

The group aboard the Abigail is unaware of the true breadth and depth of the apocalypse that surrounds them; they assume there is still a chance that some city, state, or nation might be unaffected — some place that the Infection has not reached. But as Operation Cobalt goes into full effect, the military bombs the Southland to cleanse it of the Infected, driving the Dead toward the sea. As Madison, Travis, Daniel, and their grieving families head for ports unknown, they will discover that the water may be no safer than land.

This season has definitely found its path. There were some drops here and there but for the most part its was really strong. I loved the fact that they did something that hadn’t really been seen before which was having a zombie apocalypse set at sea. It was truly exciting to see something new coming from a genre that has lacked originality before but at the same time that was also where it began to get a bit tedious. I felt like there shouldn’t have been so many episodes that took place out on the water and I think they could’ve accomplished what they did in two episodes. Much like any other show there are filler episodes here and there so it didn’t bother me enough to make me lose interest. Thankfully the second half of the season picked up fantastically and in typical Walking Dead fashion we had a family divided. I personally prefer it that way seeing as we get a whole lot more story and adventures that way. It also makes the reunion of them all a hell of a lot more impactful. I really liked the three storylines that lead the second half. We had one that took place in a hotel and another that took place in a fortified community and then there was Travis and Chris. I knew by the end of season one that they were going to end up off on their own and it wasn’t going to end well. Nick’s adventure took him to a settlement in Tijuana and there things got really weird with the people believing the infected weren’t really 100% dead. It almost reminded me of what Hershel was doing during the second season of The Walking Dead. The rest of the crew ended up at a beach front hotel that was VERY reminiscent of the game Dead Island. I felt like this area of the show had the strongest hold. I liked the conflict that happened between the current residents and Madison and Co. mainly because I felt it had the most depth and it was also the main story that all others led to. There was a death this season that I do feel wasn’t done correctly. I’m not going to give any details just in case but I will say that the death itself lacked impact and felt like there should’ve been more to it. I will say however that the emotions and scenes that followed that death were some of the best of the show so far and those moments definitely a spotlight to the season. Many people that I’ve talked to aren’t fans of this spin off but I don’t understand why. It has a fantastic prequel story to a fan favorite show and keeps everybody guessing as to what’s going to happen next instead of us already having an outline on story elements like The Walking Dead does because of the comics. I like theorizing as to what’s going to happen and where they might be going with the story and it’s because of that that I will recommend giving this show and this season watch. 8/10

Special Features:

Deleted Scenes – Various scenes that were cut from the show. There aren’t that many but they do at least let you know which scenes belonged to which episode.

Flight 462 Webisodes – A 16 part story that takes place during the first season of the show. Two characters from the story do show up on this season as well. Each episode is more or less a minute so the running time comes in at around 15 minutes.

Q&A with Cast and Creative Team from Paleyfest LA 2016 – Colman Domingo, Lorenzo James Henrie, Mercedes Mason, Rubén Blades, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Frank Dillane, Cliff Curtis, and Kim Dickens sit down for a really interesting discussion a few weeks before season two’s debut.

Inside Fear the Walking Dead – A 15 part look at story elements of this season of the show.

The Making of Fear the Walking Dead – Another 15 part look at the show but this time this focuses more on the production side of things.

Audio Commentaries – There are commentaries on the first two discs of the set but none seem to be present after that. Kind of odd.

Fear The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment


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