One Father’s Timeline Of “One Direction: Where We Are”

One Direction Where We Are


AMC Theaters and Fathom Events hosted a special 3 day screening of the boy band concert film One Direction: Where We Are on October 12th 2014. In case you’re wondering, I’m not a fan at all of the group (because I’m a guy and a grown adult) but I do have a 14 year old daughter that loves the hell out of them so I did what any father would when asked “Dad, can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease take me?!”. I took her. What follows is an account of my experience and the only reason I’m sharing this is because it may prove useful to fathers now and in the future that may have to subject themselves to events like this because they love their children. 😀

12:44p.m – In the theater and the squeal and chatter of teen girls is deafening.

12:47p.m – I’m now thinking twice about being here. Maybe there’s still time to escape.

12:48p.m – Nope. I look over and see the excitement in my daughters face. Fine, i guess I’ll stay.

12:53p.m – Everyone is getting so loud now. What have i gotten myself into?

12:54p.m – It’s a Selfie-Palooza here

12:55p.m – The show is starting. Please pray for me

12:59p.m – Now there’s a sing along happening. Crap.

1:10p.m – Screams O Plenty

1:11p.m – The show hasn’t even really started yet and people are all rilled up. Just the same commercial over and over on screen

1:12p.m – A different commercial popped up and all the girls squealed. It was for Delta Airlines.

1:23p.m – So many screams

1:30p.m – Interview with One Direction

1:45p.m – Concert portion of the show started and now i think I have busted ear drums

2:23p.m – Girls are crying. Someone help me

2:27p.m – One Direction goes for pee break

2:33p.m – I must’ve fallen into a brief coma

2:36p.m – The One Direction guys keep smacking each other in the nuts.

2:37p.m – More sing a longs

2:38p.m – Clap a longs

2:39p.m – A few cry a longs

2:40p.m – Time for a slow jam. People are swaying

2:43p.m – Guy hits a high note. Girls squeal. Weird.

2:46p.m – Another high note. Another squeal.

2:48p.m – Holy crap. Grown women are crying.

2:55p.m – Aaaaaand its over. I survived but I think my soul has been shattered though


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