Falling Skies – Season 2: Blu-ray Review










Season Overview:

At the end of season 1 we saw Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) agree to go with the alien invaders. In his absence the 2nd Mass has become more of and experienced unit and have seen their fair share of battles. Three months later when Mason suddenly returns his loyalties are questioned because of his previous whereabouts. Ben (Connor Jessup) and Hal (Drew Roy) start to butt heads regarding Ben’s lack of respect for authority. It quickly becomes apparent that the Skitters have a plan set in motion involving Ben. The only questions now are how will effect the 2nd Mass and most importantly how will it effect Tom.

The action and battles started right away which is always a great way to start a season. When I first started watching this show I was intrigued at the epic story that was being told on T.V as opposed to it being done as a film. I don’t think I had seen anything like it before. Season 2 takes that idea and expands on it greatly making it a much more polished and darker show. I love that the special effects in this show are something you would see on film instead of T.V. and this time around they seemed to have improved a bit more on the quality of them. I liken this show (this season especially) to The Walking Dead but with aliens. They both have similar formats but that’s where the similarities stop. Anytime Steven Spielberg has his name involved in anything you know it’s going to be big and this is no different. It seems like this season was about taking the group out of their comfort level and throwing them into different territory. With a show such as this it’s definitely needed and was good to see them on the move a lot more. Noah Wyle plays Mason so good that he drew me into the story. It made me feel like I was a part of this situation that these people are in and I just couldn’t stop watching. Moon Bloodgood was the perfect compliment to Wyle and his leadership. She played almost like a (kick ass) motherly role to the 2nd Mass without even trying. Then there’s Will Patton who plays Captain Dan Weaver. His presence in itself is very commanding and much needed with a group such as the one that he’s leading. The continuation of this story and it’s action packed finale prove that we’re are in store for a fantastic future for this show.

Special Features:

One Page At A Time: Writing The 2nd American Revolution – A nice and lengthy “Making Of” feature that goes in depth about the second season.

The Skitter Evolution – A fantastic look at the Skitters and how the crew started to use practical effect puppets for some scenes in the show.

2nd Watch: Episode 20 A More Perfect Union – A sit down talk with the cast of Falling Skies about the season finale and what’s to come for the future season.

A Fan’s Perspective: Touring The Set Of Falling Skies – A few fans get the great opportunity to tour the set of Falling Skies and some of the stars were kind enough to show them around

Terry O’Quinn Is Manchester – A quick feature on the guest starring role by O’Quinn

Creating The Crawlies – A look at the newest pint size threat to the 2nd Mass.

Designing The Spaceship Greg Beeman talks about the design of the ship and how Spielberg had plenty of input on the creation.

Team Skitter – Practical FX crew talks about how the Skitter actors move around in the suits and how they control the animatronics of the suit.

With an addictive story and plenty of great special features this is a “Must Get” in my book

Falling Skies Season 2 is available on Blu-ray and DVD June 4th from Warner Home Video and will be back on TNT starting June 9 at 9/8c


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