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The Movie:

After the events of the previous film, Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) is found in a home (still possessed) by a couple after breaking in. She is taken to a hospital and then transferred to a home for girls. After a few months she begins to return back to normal and gets a job at hotel but slowly things start to begin to get strange again. She starts to see certain things that leads her to believe that the demon that once possessed her is once again looking for her. She must do whatever it takes at all costs to rid herself of the evil that wants to take her soul and cause Hell on Earth.

This film take a different approach than the found footage style of the first film and that I think was a good move. You can only do that style so long until it becomes stale. There were plenty of sudden scares in the movie which caused a few jumps on my part and that’s what I think makes this a good “Saturday night, popcorn” kind of flick. The story, although good, could’ve used a little more “umph”. I was hoping to see the demon itself and all we got was body jumping. I did like the fact that this was more of some sort of twisted love story with the demon trying to get Nell to give in to seduction. I really liked a lot of the visual effects that the film had and the fact that it wasn’t immensely overdone. Things like blacked out eyes were probably the creepiest thing as was some of the ways people were bending. Bell once again proved that she can shine bright in a film full of darkness. Her portrayal of Nell had everything needed to provide a believable character. She was naive, a little frumpy at times and had the perfect amount of innocence that played perfectly off of her when evil was surrounding her. If you’re looking for a decent scare then pick this one up.

Special Features:

Nell’s Story – A quick rundown of the continuation of Nell’s mental state and where exactly she is emotionally in the 2nd film.

Shooting In New Orleans – They show what it’s like to use the city as a character and backdrop of the story.

Hair Salon Scare: The Last Exorcism Part II Goes Viral – An elaborate (and hilarious) prank to promote the film.

The Last Exorcism Part II is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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