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Starring Stephen Moyer (Detective Reese) and Radha Mitchell (Detective Burquez) as the lead detectives, the film begins with a glimpse of the a horrendous crime scene. The only leads the detectives have are several videos taken from the victims that help unfold several details and a possible motive. Also starring Torrey DeVitto (Leann), an aspiring actress and Caitlin Stasey (Rachel), an amateur filmmaker, the duo are the victims behind the retrieved footage. What has led the victims to their remote location? Who should we assume as a possible suspect? Focus on the evidence.

When this movie initially starts, we are thrown into the scene of of blood, body parts, smoke, and burned dismembered bodies – fantastic intro to a movie right? I love a movie that waste no time in bringing in the thrills! We watched on as the detectives pieced together every bit of video captured from the crime scene trying to solve the heinous massacre.  I would admit, some of the replay of the videos got a bit annoying with the “corrupt” files that wouldn’t play correctly, etc. I’m not a huge fan of the realistic type of handy camera work, as in the POV or raw video work. Understandably, it was needed to give the full effect of the film, but it caused some dizziness on my end (I am a bit sensitive to this though). It kept my attention nonetheless, keeping me guessing throughout the film. Once you think the killer was discovered, here comes another twist to the story. It’s best to not give out any spoilers, but the movie did a great job in leaving the audience convinced and then confused! One thing the movie left me wondering about was of the realistic possibility of how the still shots were retrieved from the captured video. Technology is pretty advanced and I’m not sure how fictional it was, but it kept me pretty entertained seeing how the detectives dissected each video.

I would recommend catching this flick soon!

Evidence is available NOW from Image Entertainment in select theaters nationwide and VOD. It will be available on DVD August 20


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