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Geoffrey Burton (Michael Eklund) is a geneticist who, after the death of his infant son from a rare genetic disorder, is bent on trying to find a way to help stop this from happening to others by conducting research after taking a position at a prestigious German research facility. Two other researchers would like for him to share his data so they could use it for their own individual plans but he’s somewhat reluctant. How far would you go to find a cure for something that has completely turned your life upside down?

This movie isn’t exactly what you may expect. It’s definitely a sci-fi/horror movie but of a different kind. This film takes you on a journey that deals with genetic testing and research which we all know happens in real life to battle diseases. I think in part that was the real horror of it all, that it’s a bit closer to reality than what we usually see in sci-fi movies. It really does pose a lot of ethical questions like whether dabbling with our genetic makeup is really worth finding a cure for certain sickness. Eklund’s performance was really good. There were moments where you could see the emotional pain this character was going through just by the look on his face. When an actor can do that then it makes for a much better movie going experience. The “Creep Factor Award” goes to  Tómas Lemarquis for his portrayal as Jarek who is one of the researchers. There was something about his physical appearence and demeanor that mixed together just right to provide the right kind of awkwardness that was needed from an antagonist. The best part of it all is the steady build up to the shocking revelation at the end and if you’re a lover of the genre you’ll definitely appreciate it. Errors reminds me a lot of the work of David Cronenberg so if you are a fan of his then you’ll REALLY enjoy this film. This gets the Cinema Deviant Seal of Approval for sure!

ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY opens in select theaters on April 19 and will be available to watch on Cable VOD, SundanceNOW and other digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon Streaming, PS3 Playstation Unlimited, XBOX Zune, Google PLAY and YouTube).



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