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Jay Baruchel comes to visit his friend Seth Rogen in Los Angeles and after goofing off together Seth convinces Jay to go to a big house party thrown by James Franco in the Hollywood hills. Jay is very reluctant to go because people the likes of Jonah Hill, Craig RobinsonDanny McBride among many others will be there and he’s somewhat uncomfortable around them. Soon after arriving all hell breaks loose…..literally. People start to get pulled into the sky and the ground opens up and swallows many party-goers. Jay, Seth, James, Craig and Danny are the only remaining few and barricade themselves in James Franco’s house. With only a limited supply of food between them they fight to survive and realize that there are other things far more dangerous than starvation right outside their doors.

If you read the description of the film it sounds like a straight forward “end of the world” film but if you know all the names starring in the film (which pretty much everyone does) then you know it’s anything but straight forward. Six of the funniest comedic actors make for (probably) the funniest movie I’ve seen since The Hangover. One of the best things about the film is that they play themselves. They are exaggerated versions but I think that’s what makes it even more hilarious and the cameos in this film are RIDICULOUS! They play themselves up to be very “Hollywood” and parody of what people think actors are. The other thing is that they are all real life friends so it makes the chemistry and relationships that much more real. It really feels like a group of buddies stuck in a house together……with the Rapture happening right outside their door. There wasn’t one moment where I wasn’t laughing out loud and I’m usually a tough sell when it comes to comedy movies. It’s really hard to single out one moment in the film that made me laugh because there were so many but I will say that the final scene will make “everybody rock their bodies”. Haha! Go see this one for sure if you haven’t already!

This Is The End is now in theaters from Mandate Pictures and Columbia Pictures



This Is The End: DVD Review | Cinema Deviant 29-09-2013, 15:18

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