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The Movie:

This wonderful journey is told through the eyes of Tuck (Astro), Munch (Reese Hartwig) and Alex (Teo Halm), a trio of pals who make an out-of-this-world discovery. After receiving signals on their phones, they meet Echo, a small, but amazingly energetic, alien trying to make his way back to his home planet. As they race to help their new friend, the boys will discover that little Echo has touched their hearts in unexpected ways and changed their lives forever.

There are a few movies that come along that tend to bring something unexpected and this is one of them. It takes everything that Super 8 was about and gears it more towards kids but still keeps the sense of adventure. It sounds kind of cliche but it has the same feel as E.T. or The Goonies with a group of kids thrown into an experience that has them on the run. The best thing about the film was seeing a group of unknown actors, that for the most part are newcomers, give a great performance. You can easily tell that all of these kids have a bright future in the entertainment business. The alien known as Echo was created with this quality that makes it so likeable. The first thing that comes to mind when seeing it is Wall-E mixed with the look of a baby owl. How can you not think that is cute? It’s not secret that I have issues with found footage films but this is one that I actually didn’t mind. The shakiness of the camera felt like it was kept at a minimum which is one of my biggest things with these types of movies so that was a plus. All of the effects in the film looked pretty damn good as well with the best shot being the disassembling and reassembling of the 18 wheeler. The final scene was probably the most impressive and biggest effect shot that had me surprised at how good it looked. This is the perfect sci-fi family film that will have the kids watching with a smile on their faces and the adults intrigued at the action/adventure of it all. If you’re looking for a fun family film then look no further. Pick this up!

Special Features:

Creating The Truck Scene – A look at the really cool truck scene that I mentioned above with some notes from the cast and crew.

Casting The Characters – This takes a look at what the filmmakers went through in casting the perfect group of kids for the film.

We Made That!: The Making Of Earth To Echo – A cool EPK that has the usual cast and crew interviews and takes a look at the film.

Friends No Matter How Far – This feature is mainly about the friendship that is developed between Echo and the group of kids. This film definitely has a great message behind it.

Deleted Scenes – Only a handful of scenes here that wouldn’t have added any more to the film.

Earth To Echo is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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