E3 2014 Full Livestream Event! Watch Day 1 Here NOW!!


Keep it HERE to watch the all the E3 Press Conferences today! IGN was awesome enough to cover the whole event! Here’s the schedule for today:

9:00AM – IGN’s Microsoft Pre-Show
9:30AM – Microsoft Press Conference
11:00AM – IGN’s Post Show (feat. Evolve)
12:00PM – EA Press Conference
1:00PM – IGN’s Post-Show
2:00PM – Halo
2:20PM – The Evil Within
2:30PM – IGN’s Ubisoft Pre-Show
3:00PM – Ubisoft Press Conference
4:00PM – IGN’s Post-Show (w/ Aisha Tyler)
5:30PM – IGN’s Sony Pre-Show
6:00PM – Sony Press Conference
7:30PM – IGN’s Post-Show (w/ Troy Baker)


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