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The Movie:

Addison (Eric Bana) and Liza (Olivia Wilde)  are siblings that are on the run from the police after robbing a casino. On a snowy evening they end up flipping their car and their wheelman gets killed in the process. When a state trooper notices the accident he stops to render aid but Addison comes from the wreck and kills the trooper. That’s when Addison decides that it may be best if him and Liza split up and meet back up at a later time. Jay (Charlie Hunnam) is an ex-boxer now newly freed from prison. After he’s released he goes to confront his coach that is responsible for him going to prison after a thrown fight. After a scuffle between the two Jay injures the man severely. Thinking he killed him, he flees to his parents home in the country. Hannah (Kate Mara) is a Sheriff’s Deputy that gets looked down on and talked really bad about by the Sheriff (Treat Williams) himself who just so happens to be her father. She gets a call from someone regarding the killed state trooper and that sets into motion a web of events that brings them all together.

Seeing that Olivia Wilde and Eric Bana were in this film pulled me in and got me interested in this movie. After seeing the first 10 minutes, I was hooked. This movie plays out as a thriller but has an underlining drama plot as well. I really like films that have stories that are separate but ultimately connect. I always think about the thought process of the writer and how challenging it can become to pull multiple stories together. The setting was perfect for this sort of film. If you think about it, being out in a snow storm in the country would be nerve racking in itself. You would be completely isolated from anything and anyone and if you needed any sort of help it would take a good while for someone to get to you. Bana is a fantastic actor in my opinion and he played his role very ruthless and nothing like I’ve seen him in. Even with his great portrayal as Addison I have to say that I hated his accent. To me it sounded too fake and exaggerated. His energy throughout the film however was the complete opposite of that. Wilde was exactly that, wild. Liza was a “flash a smile, get what she wants then kicks you in the nuts if she wants to” kind of girl. At the same time she also seems like she’s a tortured soul that just wants to live a normal life. All three main character’s stories had the same underlining thing in common. Family. Each of them (in the middle of all the madness) is looking for acceptance and peace but first they have to get past all the ugliness. This film won’t disappoint when it comes to entertainment value. I really dug it and felt like the thrills never ended until the final gunshot.

Special Features:

Behind The Scenes: Snow & Western – A look at the way the weather played into the making of the film and how n some ways this movie was somewhat similar to a western.

Behind The Scenes: Family – A glimpse into the overall family dynamic of the film and how each character played off each other.

Production Interviews: Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde and Director Stefan Ruzowitzky – On set talks with some of the cast and director about their experiences making the film and working in the freezing weather.

Deadfall is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Magnolia Home Entertainment


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