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Since 1980 the horror franchise that is Friday The 13th has invaded our thoughts and memories. Jason Voorhees and his iconic hockey mask are just as recognizable as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. This documentary has a running time of 400 minutes, which if you type into a conversion table it equals to 6.66 hours (Coincidence? I think not!). I am REALLY impressed at how extensive it is. It goes through EVERY SINGLE film and seems to be very honest about the various difficulties and trials that went into making these films. They talk to almost every director, cast member, and actor that played Jason; from Warrington Gillette, Ted White, Richard Brooker to Ken Kirzinger, Derek Mears, and Kane Hodder. This film franchise is something that is near and dear to me, so to experience this documentary was like Christmas. I fully engulfed myself in everything that each person had to say and listened intently to their stories. It was very intriguing to see the production side of all these films and, for the most part, all the fun the cast and crew had on set. There were certain instances where filming got a bit extreme, as in hypothermia extreme, which was due to the lack of time and money that forced director Joseph Zito to keep one of the actresses in 28 degree water for an extended amount of time. The things that I loved the most was how the special effects were done in all the films. Everything was shown; as to how SFX crews put together a lot of the brutal kills and the amounts of fake blood that was used. It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite actor that played Jason but if I had to I think it would be a tie between Kane Hodder and Derek Mears. Hooder has created a bar with the Jason character that everyone after him has to live up to and has even created certain movements that only he could do. Mears, on the other hand, is a super imposing figure that, as seen in the 2009 re-imagining, is extremely agile. What would be scarier than a murderer running after you at practically a full sprint? The other interesting thing is that they actually show some of the deleted scenes and alternate ending to some of the films that have never been seen before. What’s sad is that there’s plenty more footage that will most likely never see the light of day due to film damage. You really can’t ask for more in a documentary than this. After watching it you will know all there is to know about the series. Fantastic documentary and extremely enjoyable. If you’re a horror fan then this is a must to add to your collection.

Special Features:

There really aren’t any. If you think about it, the documentary itself is a HUGE special feature so nothing else is even needed in this department.

Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History Of Friday The 13th is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from RLJ Entertainment



Eric 21-09-2013, 15:19

There’s a commentary track, so there is a special feature and if you were lucky enogh to get the bonus DVD that’s 4 hours and 20 minutes of extended interviews


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