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Courage’s adventures in cowardice continue in the complete second season of this hair-raising series. Life is never normal in Nowhere (Kansas that is), home of Courage and his beloved owners Muriel and Eustace – also home to all sorts of villainous freaks and oddities! The strangeness doesn’t let up in these 13 unreal episodes. In each adventure, our hero must face his fear to: save the dying sun, win a break dancing battle against an insecure robot and capture an opera-loving sea serpent, to name but a few!

It has been a VERY long time since I’ve seen Courage The Cowardly Dog so with this showing up on my doorstep brought back lots of memories and was a pleasant surprise. With only 13 episodes in this set I got through them with ease and wanted more. The show is such a classic and shows just how awesome cartoons were years ago. This is a show that didn’t over think anything and I feel paved the way for what was to come with Cartoon Network. It’s random at times and can be a bit brash with the grandpa always degrading Courage but it is all around funny with lots of heart. Each and every episode consists of Courage stopping his owners from getting killed or hurt in some way and it always makes for some really funny situations including one with a robot that sounds a lot like Christopher Walken. It definitely surprised me just how much I still laughed even after all these years. If you’re looking to reminisce one of the great Cartoon Network cartoons then I suggest you pick this up immediately. Yes it’s only 13 episodes but the flashbacks that you’ll have will make it worth it.

Courage The Cowardly Dog: Season Two is available NOW on DVD from Warner Home Video and Cartoon Network


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