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Season Overview:

America’s smartest, edgiest comedy goes back to school with a vengeance! Just when you thought you’d seen and laughed at everything, along comes Season 5 to reinvent all the rules. “Bear Down” for the most jaw-dropping, polygraph-taking, hot lava-walking, ass-crack-bandit-pursuing, fantasy-roleplay-gaming, animated “G.I. Jeff”-hallucinating, hidden treasure-hunting, college campus-saving season that gets a rating of five MeowMeowBeenz! The fifth season of Community proves to be the most innovative and hilarious season yet.

This is one of those shows that people have talked about for MANY years yet for some reason it’s struggled so much. I know plenty of people said that the last season lacked something because of the absence of Dan Harmon but with this season it’s all changed. In all honesty the season started out a little “so so” but after the first few episodes it was all laughs and weirdness from there. The one thing that I could tell was that this show is definitely for a certain audience with a certain sense of humor which is a good and a bad thing. If you get it then you really get it and you will think it’s genius but I took myself out of that audience for a minute and could see how someone couldn’t get the humor. Some of the jokes have punchlines that are delivered flat and can leave a person somewhat scratching their head but again, that’s IF you don’t get that type of delivery. I found myself laughing more and more as the episodes went on and by the end of the season I definitely didn’t want it to end. My two favorite episodes appear on the second disc with the first being “App Developments And Condiments” and the second “G.I. Jeff”. The app episode finds the group beta testing a new social network for the school and it all snowballs into a futuristic popularity contest that is almost cult-like. If that doesn’t get you interested then I don’t know what will. The second one was one that I loved because of the uniqueness about it. Not once have I ever seen a fully animated episode of live action comedy show while also having an actual G.I. Joe story within. It was so cool to see the cast of Community interact with Joe characters and the jokes that are thrown around are some of the best I’ve seen. You really don’t need more reason than that to pick up this show and I’m ecstatic to know that we will get another season of Community soon.


Special Features:

Cast & Crew Commentary On Every Episode

Outtakes – These are funny beyond belief. One of the funniest Gag Reels that I’ve seen in a while.

Re-Animating The 80’s – A look at the animated episode G.I. Jeff. I just didn’t understand why it’s on disc 1 when the actual episode was on disc 2.

Advanced Television Production: 5 Days, 2 Scripts, No Sleep – A journey with the writers as they try to get 2 episode scripts in within a 5 day period. It makes you respect the work writers do even more after watching this.

Community: The Complete Fifth Season is available NOW on DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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