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Chupacabra’s suddenly start to run amok in and around San Antonio and go on a killing spree. Veteran cop Carlos Seguin (Erik Estrada) teams up with Agent Dani (Vanesa Tomasino) and his estranged son Spider (Jorge Vargas) to stop the deadly creatures and take one last stand at The Alamo.

With a film such as this one they give you everything you need to know right in the title. There were Chupacabras and The Alamo definitely a part of the finale so there was that. I’ve seen tons of good films and bad ones but this one takes the cake as one of the worst looking films ever. The story seemed pretty decent but the effects in the film made that not even matter. Ok, that’s enough of me being harsh. Truth is, I think this movie really tried. It’s a B-movie so you really shouldn’t go into it expecting Citizen Kane. It was the perfect type of film that you can sit back with a drink and laugh at some of the silliness. Case in point: They show Estrada getting on a motorcycle to take off and the riding scenes that he has are completely done via green screen…haha! I think that if they would’ve used practical creature effects then it would’ve worked a lot better than the strange CGI. In the end there’s always going to be a market for movies like this and I’m certain that there are people out there that will completely dig it, you just have to be in the mood for it.

Chupacabra VS The Alamo is available NOW on DVD from Echo Bridge Entertainment


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