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The Movie:

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong are a comedy duo that made their name in 70’s and 80’s with their routines that consisted of hippie culture, their love of marijuana and other drugs. Their comedy albums have won them a Grammy Award and their films have become cult favorites to many people. This film serves as a compilation of many of their famous skits (with the same audio) put to animation.

It’s great to see classic comedy such as this being reintroduced in a way that’s new and fresh for a new generation. If you aren’t familiar with Cheech and Chong then the best way to describe them would be: Crude, Stereotypical and full of Hippie sensibility. The animation isn’t anything spectacular. In fact, it looks a lot like the very basic flash animations that you may have seen on the internet before but it still doesn’t take anything away from the comedy itself and it’s still good to have a visual of some of the other routines that hadn’t been shown on film before. To me the best part was the performance of Earache My Eye. That’s always been a favorite of mine and to see an animated version of Cheech in his stage getup was pretty hilarious. One thing that I remembered after watching this was that Cheech and Chong played just about every character in every skit and I still find that really impressive. This is a fantastic release to relive a lot of the duo’s work and whether you’re an old fan or you’re experiencing the comedy of these two guys for the first time, you’ll definitely be entertained.

Special Features:

4.20 Listening Mode – An interesting feature that allows you to sit back and enjoy the movie 3 times in a row while it plays each commentary track…..all without you having to even lift a finger or get up off the couch.

“Medical Marijuana Blues” Session w/ Blind Melon Chitlin’ -Cheech and Chong perform a skit about a musical performer and his manager in the studio recording a song. This was a bit strange to me and seemed to be completely improvised.

Cheech and Chong Slideshow – A collection of pictures that show scenes from the animated movie in comparison to the original routine that was performed by the comedic duo.

Cheech and Chong’s Animated Movie is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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