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Cartoon Network wants to help you ring in the holiday season with the soon to be classic Cartoon Network Holiday Collection DVD. You’ll be dashing through the shows with Adventure Times Holly Jolly Secrets Pt 1&2, The Christmas episode from The Amazing World of Gumball, and The Christmas Special from Regular Show. And as an added holiday gift, Cartoon Network Holiday Collection DVD features bonus episodes from up and coming shows Clarence and Steven Universe, both on DVD for the first time ever!

The good people at Cartoon Network are at it again and this time they’re are putting together 6 holiday episodes on one disc. Every time that these compilations come out I ALWAYS jump at the chance to check these out. Mainly because I get a chance to see some of the funniest episodes of some of the funniest shows on Cartoon Network and this time there were 2 shows that I had never seen before and became an instant fan of. It’s already a given that i was going to enjoy The Regular Show, Adventure Time and The Amazing World Of Gumball (which are feature on this DVD) but the 2 shows that I had never seen were Clarence and Steven Universe. The episode of Clarence was great and reminded me of hanging out at my local arcade when I was a kid and all I cared about was getting a sugar high and playing Street Fighter. Steven universe was particularly cool because all it seemed to be about was a kid in the middle of a superheroine team that just wants to hang out and do kid stuff. Both shows are wildly entertaining and I have definitely become a fan. If you haven’t seen either shows or the other show I mentioned for that matter then this is the perfect opportunity to do so and I assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Cartoon Network Holiday Collection is available NOW on DVD from Warner Home Video and Cartoon Network


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