Capcom-Unity Prize Giveaway for Fans!

Everyone loves free stuff! Capcom knows this and is throwing out some free games for its fans!
“Capcom today revealed details on a new promotion for Capcom-Unity, the official community website for the company. As part of the biggest prize giveaway to date, a free Capcom game will be given away every weekday from February 11, 2013 through the end of 2013.
Registered users will be able to log in, earn Unity Points and then spend those points on raffle tickets that put them in the running for a free game. This is all handled within the Dashboard, which also gives access to Capcom-Unity’s forums, user blogs and media uploads.
Unity Points can be earned simply by using the Capcom-Unity site; users can comment, write their own blogs, post in the forums and send in news tips to add to their total which thereby increases opportunities to enter the daily raffle. And while Capcom-Unity will primarily be featuring prize games from current gaming systems, they will occasionally dig deeper and offer older, sealed titles unearthed from the Capcom vault.
For more information, please visit”

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