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The Movie:

Cantinflas is the true story of Mexico’s greatest and most beloved comedy film star and it’s being told for the first time. From his humble origins on the small stage to the bright lights of Hollywood, Cantinflas became famous around the world – one joke at a time. Relive the laughter that has charmed generations.

If you’re a latino then you’ve most likely heard of Cantinflas. He was one of Mexico’s most famous comedians and if aren’t aware of his greatness then this film will give you an insight into what kind of icon he really was. The only thing is that it’s only a small insight. If you are looking for a definitive film on his life then this may not be it. It goes through certain events in his life but seems like it rushes through them all and I would like to have seen more of his younger years because that time in film is so intriguing to me. Seeing the younger years of Hollywood was a really cool and how Moreno was considered comedic gold to them had me glued to the screen. The way the film kept fluctuating back and forth between past and present wasn’t necessary. It works for some films but I think this one deserved linear editing. That’s not to say that the movie was horrible. It was actually very refreshing to see a film based on a Mexican icon and that showed just how successful he was. This is must see film that was great but had the potential to be so much better so if you get a chance and are interested in the life of the man named Cantinflas then I suggest checking this out.

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Cantinflas is available NOW on DVD from Lionsgate


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