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Season Overview:

It all comes down to this – the thrilling final season of one of television’s hottest shows, where everything is finally revealed. Separated from his friends and family, and on the verge of losing it all, Michael Westen goes deep undercover, joining forces with a mysterious woman and infiltrating a sinister terrorist network. With time running out, Michael must do whatever it takes to stay alive and protect his loved ones; but now, he may be forced to go too far.

The season starts strong and involves the fallout of Westen’s decision from season 6. With this being the final season there are certain expectations that are thrown on the table to have it wrapped up with a little bow on top. At this point it boils down to the writers and what kind of hand they’re going to play in order to really tie things up. Much to my enjoyment the season was a roller coaster ride that didn’t let up until the final scene. It was full of double and triple crosses which made for a lot of interesting scenarios. The running story throughout the season was Michael Westen’s inner turmoil. He joined the C.I.A in order to help his team but deep down he is fighting internally with the idea that he did it all for himself. One of the best moments is when he joins a different organization as part of his undercover mission and the “interview” process takes him to a VERY dark place within. It was those moments that you see so much emotion coming from Westen’s eyes. Despite ‘s stone face, you see everything in his eyes. Every memory, every emotion and that takes a hell of a talent to do that. (in my opinion) is fantastic in everything he does but playing Sam Axe has shown so much range in his ability that he doesn’t get to display very much. is the perfect balance to Donovan’s character. His inner conflict was also a result of wanting to be with Fiona and the exchanges between him and her were so emotional and mentally complex. The final episode concluded with the famous line “My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy….” which gives you the clue that throughout the entire series he was telling his story to someone and that I thought was a good wrap up as well. In the end the season concluded with the perfect ending (the ending that everyone hoped for) and I’m glad there was an actual conclusion to the series without leaving it open or with questions and in the end you really can’t blame Westen for the choices he made and the path he took. This really was a great season and worth picking up but if you haven’t seen it at all then i suggest you start from the beginning. Be like Nike and Just Do It!!

Special Features:

Episode Commentary on “Forget Me Not”

Deleted Scenes – A good collection of scenes that could’ve been added to the episodes but I can understand why they were cut.

Gag Reel – Such a fun feature to see. The cast looks like they has so many laughs in the midst of all the action and adventure.

Final Mission: Ending The Series – Creator Matt Nix talks about how he felt about ending the series and includes interviews with the cast and crew.

Burn Notice: Season Seven is available NOW on DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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