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The Movie:

This dark comedy involves John (Michael Angarano) and Alice (Juno Temple) who are a down on their luck couple that comes across a jewish magical brass teapot capable of providing them with money. The only catch is that they must harm themselves in order for the teapot to provide. They must then decide what they’re willing to do in order to gain financial security.

I really thought this was an interesting premise for a movie and Angarano and Temple involved I was even more curious. Lately Temple has been in a pretty good amount of films that I’ve seen and each time she graces the screen she gets better and better. Angarano is one of those actors that has a face that you can’t quite put your finger on where you’ve seen him before but you know you have. Then you look it up on IMDB and you realize “Hey! That’s the kid from Lords Of Dogtown and Sky High!”. He’s a really great actor and shines the most in comedic situations like this. Parts of the film almost felt like right out of a cartoon with the couple hurting themselves with anything from curling irons to hammers and Angarano played that up really good with everything a bit more over the top than reality. The thing that I really liked about the film was that underneath the dark comedy was a film about morality. It gave you a scenario then threw a question at you: Would you hurt someone you love physically and emotionally just to be rich? I’ve always felt like movies that make you realize that there’s an underlining message after the fact are very smart. In essence the writer and director are giving you two types of stories in one fantastic package. If you get a chance then you should give it a view. It’s so wrongfully humorous at times and definitely entertaining.

Special Features:

Prologue/Alternate Opening – This was rather interesting and gave a bit of backstory on the teapot itself but I can see why they cut it. It wouldn’t have complimented the film very much.

Deleted Scenes – About 12 minutes worth of deleted scenes that would’ve slowed everything down if they had stayed in.

Uncovering: The Brass Teapot – A 30 minute documentary about the myths of the teapot itself.

Interview With Director Ramaa Mosley – A quick interview with the director as she gives an idea about what the film is about and how the premise came about.

Interview With Michael Angarano – He gives a bit of insight about the film and his experiences while filming.

AXS TV: A Look At The Brass Teapot – A quick 5 minute rundown of the film.

The Brass Teapot is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Magnolia Pictures Home Entertainment


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