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The Movie:

Scott Voss (Kevin James) is a high school teacher that likes to coast through his job and doesn’t really give it a second thought. When he discovers certain cutbacks that are happening within his school (that will also affect a close friend) he comes up with the scheme to fund the school and starts up as a night teacher for a citizenship course. There he meets a student named Niko who asks Voss for some extra tutoring on the side. He obliges but soon finds out Niko (Bas Rutten) used to be a fighter and that each fighter makes money win or lose. He suddenly asks to be trained by him in return for tutoring for his exam. All that is on Scott’s mind now is getting enough money to save his school’s music program and his friend Marty’s (Henry Winkler) job…..even if it means him getting beaten senseless.

Ok, right off the top whats not to love. This film includes comedy and MMA. Add Kevin James to the mix and you have a perfect formula for a funny movie that could be enjoyed by the family. I’m thoroughly impressed by James’ physicality in the movie. Even though he may not have a chiseled physique you can tell that he obviously got into really good shape for this role. Looks like he dropped some weight and I’m sure he did A LOT of MMA training by the way he was moving around the Octagon. Bas Rutten was surprisingly well as an actor. He won’t win an academy award or anything but he provided good comic relief ¬†and was really entertaining. I think my favorite part was Rutten singing Journey’s Faithfully. Having the UFC showcased was a really great move. It gave the film more credability that just making up some organization that no one can identify with. Winkler was actually pretty funny in this too and had a lot of great moments. His characters in recent years have been pretty similar but it works for him and his folk rendition of POD’s Here Comes The Boom made me chuckle quite a bit. Basically, if you’re a guy (or you like silly comedy) you’ll definitely like this movie and the best part is that you could watch it with your family and I’m pretty sure they won’t mind watching it. It has a little bit of everything so you won’t be disappointed.

Special Features:

Deleted Scenes – There’s quite a bit of deleted scenes and these are actually pretty good. Some of them probably could’ve been kept in the film but I’m sure they did it to trim the running time.

Gag Reel – I ALWAYS enjoy these and this one was no different. These were very funny. Especially the ones involving James and Hayek.

Cast Featurette – Cast and Crew interviews about the making of the film and what to expect.

Here Comes The Boom is available NOW on Blu-ray/DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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